Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, Bangkok, Thailand

Map showing Perween Rahman Fellowship offered to candidates from eleven  countries




 List of Countries, Name of Project and Name of Architect / Groups / Organizations are in bold

  1. Bac Kan city, Vietnam / Housing Improvement Le Nhu Nga, a young community architect worked together with community builders on a low cost housing design in Bac Kan. The design is a part of settlement upgrading involving ACVN and members of CDF at the town level.
  1. Bangkok, Thailand / Comprehensive Community-Led Masterplan in Nagloeng – Architects from Openspace, together with community-based art collective E-Lerng, worked on a masterplan with the historical community of Nanglerng, that will be soon affected by the construction of a new metro station.
  1. Valenzuela, Philippines / Onsite Reblocking – Villa Mae Libutaque (“Val”), an architect working with TAMPEI worked in collaboration with the Homeless People’s Federation, SHFC and FDUP worked with the ULHOA in community in Valenzuela to develop re-blocking plans and housing designs engaging with the local university.
  1. Valenzuela, Philippines / Onsite Incremental housing on water – Emelyn Bermundo (“Emmy”), another TAMPEI architect, worked with university student, HPFP, and FDUP with the Del Rosario community to develop alternative plan using stilt-house design for the community, which sits on water.

     5. Karachi, Pakistan / Training of community architect/ youth to work with the poor – Mr. Siraj Uddin, a community-                 based technician from TTRC, trained community teenagers in Baldia Town (Karachi) to conduct mapping and surveying of                                   infrastructure services across their settlements, in collaboration with OPP and URC, to produce a city wide infrastructure service map.

  1. Bahawalpur, Pakistan / Improvement of basic services (action research) – Muhammad Fiza, from HAMET, worked with a local government team in water and sanitation departments and community members to create a baseline study and cost-estimate needed to upgrade existing water supply and lane sewers in collaboration with OPP.
  1. Ratnanagar, Nepal / Community re-planning for land security negotiation – Parvesh Khanal and Mr. Tulsi Kumar Kaway, Community Architects from PTAG, worked with the Salghari forest community to prepare housing and settlement upgrading plans and train local builders to negotiate for an alternative site plan in ACCA PMC.
  1. Ulanbataar, Mongolia / Creating open space and green area in Ger area – Batdorj, from the Young Architects Group, worked with informal communities in Ulaanbaatar’s Sukhbaatar District to create open spaces and green areas, in collaboration with the NGO UDRC.
  1. Jakarta, Indonesia / City-wide mapping to network community along Ciliwung river – Ivana Lee, an architect from Ciliwung Merdeka, worked with four informal communities along the Ciliwung river edge. She took advantage of cultural events to spontaneously involve people in participatory mapping.
  1. Makassar, Indonesia / Mapping and gathering information of Kampung – Liza Marzaman, a young architect, worked with the Kampung Buloa fishing community in Makassar to map their settlement in response to new master plan by Tallo District, to develop long term upgrading plans in collaboration with the local university and ARKOM.
  1. Leh, India / Community based restoration of an old shrine and temple in Ladakh – Stanzin Tundup, from the Leh Old Town Initiative (LOTI), supported a community-based project to restore an old shrine and temple in Leh, with Sumar and Chumathnag communities providing all the material and labor, in collaboration with Tibet Heritage Fund.
  1. Mumbai, India / Participatory design with community school to improve school and community to be long life learning environments – Nicola Antaki worked with poor children in Muktangan (Lovegrove) school, will use the school as a laboratory to experiment with participatory design and planning prototypes, to improve the quality- of-life in their school, later their own community.
  1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia / Assist in housing design of ACCA program in 3 provinces – Kao Danak, a young community architect of CAN-Cambodia, assisted communities in Kandal, Preah Sihanouk and Posenchey districts to map their settlements and develop low-cost housing design, cost estimation, and upgrading plans networking with university modules, to be partly funded by ACCA.
  1. Nasinu, Fiji / Assist community by conducting reblocking workshop – Hanisetoka Manueli, a community architect, conducted reblocking design workshops with informal communities in the settlement of Caubati in the town of Nasinu, to train the communities in mapping their settlements and develop reblocking plans, in collaboration with the People’s Community Network (PCN).
  1. Comilla, Bangladesh / Housing design community workshop – Fatema Sharmin Sonia, an architect, conducted participatory mapping and housing design workshops with the people in Shondip Colony, in Chittagong, to map their settlements, develop housing improvement plans and construct some pilot house designs, in collaboration with UPPR.

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