Aquila Ismail

Enriched by the Power She Gave

By Aquila Ismail

She breathed the sorrows of the world
That sang like fumes on the urban swamp
And swept in columns from the cut hills
Until a hundred lifetimes pierced her throat

What is it about their silent misery?
She saw it in their fallen gait
Their stilted speech and broken mien
The deathly shuffling of their feet

To raise the poor from their grief
And light the lanterns that they keep
She found the language that they speak
And gave them arms to lift the weak

She dreamed the hope of every hut
That rises reaching to the skies
For times of plenty on this earth
When daylight promises a day of peace

Her labor was truly for their souls
To show their values in their work
Embodied by her smile they live
Enriched by all the power she gave


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